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Wood Exterior Shutters

Plantation Shutters

When it comes to installing shutters in your home, you have a lot of options! You can install them both on the interior of your home for your family and guests to view, and on the exterior to add major curb appeal and express your unique style to those passing by. Many families are choosing to install wooden shutters on the exterior of their homes not only for aesthetic purposes, but for economic reasons as well.

exterior ShuttersWooden shutters can significantly decrease your power bill in the summer by allowing a cool breeze to run through your home while also blocking out the heat from the sun. With the blazing heat we experience in Utah, this is a great alternative to cranking up the AC and adding to that ever increasing bill.  Instead, just open your windows, shut your wooden shutters, and enjoy the fresh air in your home!

Your windows will also be more protected from the elements when you install wooden shutters. In fact, many homes on the coast install them for the sole purpose of protecting their windows and avoiding leaks during major storms. Here in Utah, we are more likely to experience major snow storms than major rain storms, however, these shutters will also be able to more effectively insulate your home during cold weather which will in turn decrease your heating costs.

Here at Stanfield Shutter, we provide beautiful wooden shutters that are made to order. You have the freedom to customize your wooden shutters using any wood or style you please. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic or unique design, our experienced team will help you create the perfect wooden shutters to meet your goal aesthetic. You can click here to visit our site, or stop by our showroom to get an idea of what you would like for your home.




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